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Are you planning to take your business online? You may know that the e-commerce industry is growing day by day. It is the best opportunity to boost your sales with an e-commerce business. But, you should have proper knowledge about the e-commerce business before starting. Therefore, Kibo eclipse is planning to launch a live course on the e-commerce business. In this post, we will give you a comprehensive Kibo eclipse review. However, the training is not started yet. So we cannot say whether the course is good or not. But, we have a bit of extra information about the course that is going to be launched in near future. We will share all the information about that live training course in this article. There are many fake reviews of the Kibo eclipse on the internet. How can anyone suggest that the course is the best or not before attending it? You should stay away from those fake reviews. Here we will give you an authentic Kibo eclipse review. What is the Kibo eclipse? Who is the founder of Kibo eclipse? Well, all this information is covered in this article. So stay connected with us. Keep reading…

Who is the founder of kibo eclipse?

the founder of kibo eclipse
The Aidan booth and Steve Clayton are the creators of the Kibo eclipse. They both are experienced and ultra-successful online entrepreneurs. Aidan booth started his online entrepreneurial journey with marketing back in 2005. Aidan booth was grown up in New Zealand. He started with marketing but he also has some niche blogs and e-commerce websites. Both founders are in different online businesses like niche blogs, e-commerce, etc. Aidan booth and Steve Clayton partnered with each other in the year 2013. After that, they have created many successful training programs and share knowledge with the world. Steve Clayton was in the corporate world. After sawing the online business opportunity, he jumped into the e-commerce business.

What is Kibo Eclipse?

the founder of kibo eclipse
The Kibo eclipse is an online training program. This training program will help you to set up your own e-commerce business. If you are already in the e-commerce business, then also the training is useful for you. The learning you get in this program will boost your business and earnings, of course. You will get many ready-made elements in this Kibo eclipse program. With these elements, you can easily set up your online e-commerce business without any experience. It is a training of 8 weeks. In these two months, you will learn about central intelligence, store storm, handpicked products, profit vault, traffic, box, oracle X, and Kibo academy. These are the seven modules of the Kibo eclipse training program. The Kibo eclipse program is based on a famous brick and mortar store in japan. This Japanese company is making BILLIONS of dollars every year. You can say both founders got inspiration from this Japanese company. However, the training program is not only based on this Japanese company modal. There are many new approaches to this training program. The methods given in this program are different and more effective than other methods on the internet. • Old Program By the way, Aidan and Steve had launched a program called Kibo code quantum in January 2021. That program was also based on e-commerce business. A lot of people attended the program and they are having great results today. Some people didn’t get good results as they never took any action. If you don’t take any action after attending the program, eventually you will not get the results. People who followed the methods given in that program are getting big results. We are excited about the Kibo eclipse program. It is going to be more informative than the previous program Kibo code quantum. They have improved many things in this new Kibo eclipse program.

Kibo Eclipse Review – Cost & Pricing

the founder of kibo eclipse
What is the cost of the Kibo eclipse program? Well, we know you are now excited to get the advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The two months of extraordinary training will cost you only $3,497. We know it may be a big amount for many people. But, the training you will get is more valuable than the cost. Also, there is a 30-day refund policy. If you don’t like the program, you can ask for a refund within the first 30-days. If you are unable to pay the amount at once, you can in installments as well. You can pay fees in four installments. The first payment on the day you purchase, second after 30 days, third after 60 days, and final payment after 90 days. It means you will need to pay $997 four times in three months. To get world-class training on e-commerce business, the amount is not too much. In this program, you will get what you pay for. It is an investment that will give you 100% returns. Also, if you choose the one-time payment option then you will get a discount of $491. Are there any other investments to do after attending the training? • Other Investments It’s a good question. Yes, you will invest a few more dollars for the domain, hosting, and marketing(ads). For making an e-commerce website, you will require a domain name and web hosting. Both things are not too costly. You will need to pay around $15 a year. It’s not a huge amount. Web hosting is a bit costly. But it is necessary for an e-commerce website. There are cheap hosting services available. But, we don’t recommend buying a low-quality hosting service. Premium hosting services are faster and secure. It may cost a bit higher around $40 per month. The third investment will require advertising. You will need to use paid online advertising to generate traffic. It is impossible to estimate the amount you have to invest in advertising. But, you will learn about the cheapest methods to drive traffic on your e-com website in this training program. Also, advertisements will not make sales until your products are the best.

What we will get in the training?

You know it is a live course of eight weeks. In these eight weeks of training, you will get weekly webinars, extra training per week, and many other things. We have told you seven modules of this live training. However, these seven modules are not confirmed. These modules were in the last training program. Maybe the modules will be similar to the previous training. Also, the training program may include more modules.

What I will do after attending the training?

the founder of kibo eclipse

It is very simple. You only need to follow the guidelines given in the training. Here we are giving some steps so you can get an idea.

  • First, you will decide a catchy brand name.
  • After that, you have to purchase an attractive domain name and hosting for your website.
  • Set an e-commerce store on the domain name you have purchased.
  • Add the best products to your website that sell well.
  • Drive traffic to your website using methods given in the training.
  • Start earning $$$$

These are the steps you will need to take after attending the training. You will get more information about this in the training.

What are the benefits of the training?

If we talk about additional benefits, you will learn to compete with other brands without investing a lot. You know that there are big players in the e-commerce business. They have a high budget to spend on marketing and compete with others.

As a small seller, we cannot invest that amount for marketing or any other purpose. The training will teach you how to stay in the market without spending a high amount. That’s an advantage of the Kibo eclipse review.

Another benefit of this training is you can run an e-com business without providing customer support. They will teach you how to sell online without providing customer service. You will get proven methods to run an e-commerce business successfully.

Are there any disadvantages of training?

Well, there are no disadvantages of this Kibo eclipse training. However, the price of this training is a bit high. You have to invest a big amount to purchase this training. But, you can predict the value you will get in this training program.

Final Verdict

We tried to provide you with as much information as possible about this program in this Kibo eclipse review. The program will start on 19 January 2022. If you are interested in this program, then hurry up.

There is a lot of potential in this program for making money online with an e-commerce business. Don’t think that the program is not for beginners. The training program is designed in a way that beginners can also build a successful e-com business.

You only need basic computer knowledge to get the benefits of this program. Below is the link to the Kibo eclipse program. You can make a payment using this link and get a discount as well.

Kibo eclipse link:

So that’s it for now. See you soon…